Buying a good road bike in Singapore is as easy as going to buy a road bike from Bike Avenue in Singapore. Fine bicycle shops have many choices of road bikes as well as mountain bikes, foldable bikes, and hybrid bikes. Once a person has purchased a bike, the road bike shop will have parts and repair services available for future needs. Careful shopping is required when purchasing a road bike to get one that not only goes fast but has a comfortable seat.

Why Purchase A Road Bike ?

There are several types of bikes being manufactured. Some are for many types of riding, some are for off road and mountain trail riding, and many are for riding on pavement and where to buy road bikes in Singapore going fast. The road bike is for riding on pavements such as streets and highways. It has a thinner profile wheel and improved aerodynamics so that it is lighter and faster, yet has great control and safety. This type of bike works for beginners and for experienced riders. When the destination is reached, the rider can easily carry it to where it will be stored until the return trip. Since this bike has a thin profile including the seat, it is important to try a few out for fit before purchasing. There will be a difference in the shape and padding on seats. Many will be formed plastic or plastic or leather over metal with no padding, so a good fit is needed for comfort when riding.

Benefits Of Bike Riding

Many people choose to ride bikes to work and on errands to save money on fuel, parking fees, and car upkeep. Others site the need to be good to the environment and not spue exhaust fumes into the air every day. Many bike riders say that the bike ride to work is good exercise and helps them stay healthier and in better physical shape. Some studies indicate that bike riders have fitness levels equal to people up to ten years younger. Depending on how much a person rides a bike, they can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, reduce stress and depression, and improve overall well-being. Many people site the maneuverability of bikes in bad traffic conditions. One can ride a bike where cars can not go to get around traffic jams. Think of cutting through a park or even going a short distance on a sidewalk to get around stalled traffic and make it to work on time.


Think about visiting a road bike shop in Singapore to get started. A Singapore road bike shop will have knowledgeable employees to help the customer pick the right bike for them. For more information, go to the website.